Remember the day you got fed up, wanted to be rid of everything perhaps you even want to get rid of life.

You were so frustrated that living doesn’t make sense to you at that moment, not that you wanted to die, you just wanted to stop living at that moment.

Frustration drains energy and hijacks the thought process. I remember vividly While going to my hostel in the university, something very funny happened. As soon as I got on the bike, The Motorcyclist started talking angrily, not to me though.

All of a sudden it seems as if he’s fighting with someone I couldn’t see, I tried to listen and I realised he was lashing out at the person he dropped some minutes before picking me up, For reasons that weren’t worth it.

That was when I realised that he was frustrated not really angry. He just wanted to pour out all the anger.

This happens quite a lot with people and we wonder why. But the real question remains whether Frustration can be dealt with. My confident Answer is a YES.

But before you can deal with frustration you need to know how it works.

Frustration is a signal of tiredness, a signal that you have reached your extreme point. You can no longer take the hurts, disappointments, failures and then you just burst the bubble. Contrary to what you might believe,

Frustration isn’t sudden, it rarely happens because of a single event. It is the result of a build up process, a process plagued with your unpleasant feelings and hurts that you refused to deal with over time.

They continue piling up till it reaches a trigger point then vava voom. The bubble bursts; the characteristic expression of frustration is an outburst.

Basically, Frustration is the result of a lot of unfinished business. Here are 4 Simple steps to take if you want to deal with frustration.

This is basically the foundation; a lot of people go around pretending they are experiencing what’s going on in their life, that’s why Frustration is a global problem. You can’t run away from reality, you just can’t. It will catch up with you someday, why wait for then, Face it now. Face your life like a real man.

There is no point facing reality if you are not going to ask what went wrong. Every time you face defeat, disappointment or failures try to analyze it, understand your position, try to know what went wrong where, what did you do right, what did you do wrong. Spend time learning from your past.

Okay i know it’s difficult to forget that’s why i recommend you analyze and deal with it first. Never postpone dealing with your unpleasant situation, Deal with it right away. Never allow it to pile inside of you. Avoid carrying hurt around.

This is the number one mistake you are probably making, whenever you have a problem, talk to someone. People are fond of keeping to themselves for fear of being exploited or seen as vulnerable but talking to others about your problem is great strength, more so it unburdens you a bit. And if you are still scared of telling others, put it down in a notebook. Write how you feel somewhere, just put elsewhere other than your mind. Release the tension and pressure by sharing your issues with others, makes it easier to deal with.

With these simple steps, you can drastically reduce your level of frustrations and elongate your life.


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