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The best you’ve achieved is not the best you can achieve. You’re capable of much more. The creator fashioned you to be limitless, especially with the potency of the mind He gifted you with.

Your mind is wired to keep expanding as much as you can allow it. Leonardo da Vinci, an Italian Polymath who was widely considered one of the greatest painters of all time, put it right when he said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.”

Instead of it being exhausted, it rather expands. And because of this belief which fueled his conviction about everything he did, Leonardo was regarded as one of the most diversely talented individuals who ever lived.

Helen Gardener, an American author, rationalist public intellectual, political activist and government functionary, asserted that, Da Vinci’s mind and personality seemed like that of a superhuman.

He’s one of the few people in history that ever tapped into the potentials of the mind. This reality is not only a possibility to Leonardo da Vinci, it’s a reality that every human can attain!

The worth of our minds do not differ! Every mind has equal value. But the only differentiating factor is the extent of expansion we have deliberately done on our minds.

It might interest you to know that, the mind is not like a rubber band which regains its original shape after being released from stretching.

Once the mind can be expanded by a new idea, it stays at that level. And so, it invariably means that you can decide on how much you want to widen your horizon.

You are the sole determinant of the height you can reach. Push beyond the conventional. Reach out for higher goals. Be willing to go 120 percent when others want to stop at 100 percent.

You can do this by stretching beyond your limit. When you do, you expand your capacity. And by expanding your capacity, your chances of success also increases.

Want to join high flyers? All you need do is STRETCH. Stretch to reach!



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