How To Get A Girl To Have Sex With You


Without this powerful tool, even the most attractive men won’t be able to take women home – seduction. The average-looking man who knows how to seduce a woman will win every time over an extremely attractive man who doesn’t know how. It is important that you know how to seduce, once you do, you’ll have the luxury of asking, “My place or your?”

When attracting a woman, it is important that you bring seduction to seal the deal. Just by having great looks will not invite a woman to sleep with you; you have to show her that you are really interested and can’t leave without her. It’s not a good idea to beat around the bush and try tricking the woman to sleep with you. Cheesy pickup lines will send you home to an empty bed every time.

A real player is honest and straightforward without being rude. By lying everything out for full view allows you to lure her in successfully. The thrill of the hunt comes from letting women know exactly what you want; how hard the woman plays will determine how hard he has to hunt. The use of seduction is a technique that can be used to get just about any woman into bed with you. The results of seduction are much more effective than any pickup line or beating around bushes. Follow these tips:


  • Physical attraction is very well needed. Be clean cut, fresh and well dressed.


  • Appear harmless. When a woman sees you are friendly and not attacking her, she will let her guard down, which will be easier for you to penetrate the fortress.


  • Be charming. This is done by showing her that you are genuinely interested in her and only her.


  • Be intellectual. Engage in important conversations about politics or current affairs. By showing your intellect will make her value you and your opinion more.


  • Seduce her emotionally. Women are emotional creatures. Give her a warm and fuzzy feeling. Show her spontaneity and excitement; that rush will addict her to you.


  • Show chivalry isn’t dead. Women like to be treated like their special, so show the princess you can be a prince.


  • Essence. By having it means mixing all of the tips together. This will turn you into an irresistible seduction machine. You must be genuine or women will reject you for being fake or trying too hard.


After you seduce her you will need to keep her interested by:


  • Make her feel beautiful. Score major points by making her feel like the most beautiful woman that has ever entered the earth, let alone your life.


  • Put her pleasures first. Don’t show her that you are only interested in satisfying your own needs; cater to hers as well.


  • Provide her with lots of pleasure. Giving her all the pleasure she needs will encourage her to return the favor.


  • Deliver orgasms. Explore her body to see how you can do so; even if it means going downtown (oral sex).


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