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Unanswered Questions

Does St Valentine’s Day Encourage Immorality?

1 Mins read

St Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and lovers all over the world are already making plans to make it a day not to be forgotten in a rush. In Nigeria, hundreds of fun spots like eateries, restaurants, hotels, and resort centres are already competing with one another for the throat of the customer. On such days, fun spots in Nigeria usually record boom in sales and patronage, with hundreds of thousands of lovers converging to mark a day dedicated to lovers all over the world. Having said that, some people have kicked against setting aside such days as a special day to show love. Their argument is that it encourages infidelity and immorality amongst people.

So the question of the day is: “does St Valentine’s Day encourage immorality? Must St. Valentine’s Day be celebrated committing high level of immorality? Can’t couples show love to one another every day without waiting for a ritual that only takes place once every year?

Of course, St Valentine’s Day is a special day that marks the remembrance of a great man; but is there no better way of celebrating it without throwing caution to the wind?

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