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Dilemma Of An Only Child Whose Parents Are About To Divorce

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Dilemma Of An Only Child Whose Parents Are About Going Divorcing
Divorce is the last thing you want to wish upon your enemy as it could have devastating effects on everyone involved, including the children. My friend Andrea is in a serious dilemma as I write this because his parents are about going their separate ways. The guy is the only child of the couple, and both are battling real hard to convince him to move in with either of them. The mum wants Andrea to move in with her, while the father too has been doing all he can to convince my friend to remain with him.

Things have gone really bad for my undergraduate friend, who has not had a moment of peace since he turned 14. Andrea’s parents have been having some little issues for a couple of years now that have now snowballed into threats of divorce. As a matter of fact, it is no longer a threat as a case to make both of them go their separate ways has already been filed in court; and it is only a matter of time before they are finally separated by a law court.

The sad part of it is that Andrea is in a serious dilemma, and does not know whether to move in with his mum or stay with his dad. He loves them both, and does not want to be seen as taking sides with his mum or dad. The die seems cast as Andrea doesn’t know what to do.

He is close to completing his university education, and might not need his father’s financial support that much; but the love that exists between father and son remains as strong as ever.

I have never seen a thing like this before all my life. How can I tell him to choose his mum ahead of his dad? It is beyond me because I also cannot tell or advice him to choose his dad ahead of his mum.

Andrea says he wants his parents to remain married; but it seems both of them have gone too far with their plans to get a divorce.

Please help with useful tips or advice on what the young man should do.

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