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Dealing With Addictions

3 Mins read

An addiction is a great interest in a particular thing to which a lot of time and energy is devoted. It is an uncontrollable urge for something which could range from a substance to an activity. Usually, an addiction starts as a harmless exercise and as the body gets use to it, the urge becomes irresistible and uncontrollable. Take for instance, those who spoke. It usually starts from smoking a single stick to smoking a whole carton.
Addictions are on the increase and it has been observed quite a good number of people are under an addiction. Of this great number of people under addictions, only a few have been able to identify the dangers of addictions and to also fight it. The bulk of the addicts are still enjoying their short life in addictions.
I know a lot of people will boldly beat their chest and say I donโ€™t smoke or drink but it is shocking to know that people can be addicted to video games, computer, the internet, drugs, sex, phones, food, pornography and the list is endless. Before now, addictions have strictly been linked to misuse of drugs and taking alcohol and narcotics but viewing addiction in this light of this write up, it is an unusual urge for something which when carried out makes the body feels good.
It is pertinent to note that satisfying an addiction makes the addict a total slave to the dictates of his/her cravings. Addiction as an act of slavery has held a good number of people captive and the more they try to be free, the deeper they dive into the ocean of their addictions.
So why do we need to fight our addictions?
a. It is a thief
Addiction is a thief; it steals our confidence, self-esteem, visions and above all our precious and priceless time which can be channelled into doing something productive. Time is a vital part and parcel of manโ€™s existence. As a matter of fact, manโ€™s life is dependent on time. Time can be likened to a bucket of water which can only be used once. The water can be used to wash, cook or even grow plants but when it is poured away, it cannot be reused. Just like water in a bucket, time can only be used once for a purpose. I have met with people who spend their entire day before a television screen playing video games. Relaxation is good but when done out of context, it becomes a concern.
b. Addiction is a form of slavery
Those addicted to one thing or the other cannot do without satisfying their urge once it gets ignited. The more they try to gain freedom from the chains that held them bound, the more they dive deeper into their addictions. The best slave master is addiction. It gives the addict good but unreasonable reasons not to be free. A lot of people want to put a stop to their addictions but the shackles holding them are so potent that it only takes a mighty hand of determination to save an them.
c. It reduces the quality of life
Man is supposed to enjoy life to the fullest with no limits, but addictions tend to reduce the quality of life by making one unsociable, hostile, and useless in extreme cases. It is quite impossible for addicts to live a perfect/normal life.

Having known all these, how then can we fight our addictions?
1. Identify and know your triggers and avoid them:
Triggers are what start the reaction in which our body longs for the substance. Every addiction has a trigger. An addict of masturbation finds it easy to engage in the act after satisfying his/her eyes with obscene images. Smokers get excited and long for a stick of cigarette when they either perceive the smell of burning nicotine or see someone smoking. When you know what triggers your addictions, it is good you stay far away from them as possible.
2. Donโ€™t be idle
About 50-60% of addictions such as pornography and masturbation are triggered by idleness. It is always said that โ€œan idle mind is the devilโ€™s workshopโ€ but permit me to say that โ€œan idle hand is the playground of addictionsโ€. Try as much as possible not to be idle all the time. When the mind is actively engaged in activities, it helps shifts its focus from addictions to other things. You can get busy by engaging in an activity that could be fun to you. Think about your hobbies and try to build on them.
3. Seek help
Man is a relationship being, addictions are started alone but they are never stopped alone. If you have an addiction, seek psychological and spiritual help from trusted set of people and not those that will end up broadcasting your addictions to the whole world.
4. Avoid being alone
When you are alone, there is every tendency and possibility that your thoughts may overpower you. Try to always be around people that will help you fight your addictions. You can join a support group for people fighting addictions and try to be more productive.
5. Say no
Addictions are quite hard to stop but with the right determination and focus, you can easily say no to your urges. Try to always say no to bad company and thoughts.

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