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Unanswered Questions

Can You Quit A Lucrative Job If It Threatens Your Marriage?

1 Mins read

Marriage is a sacred and a lifelong commitment that should not be toyed with. It should be given all the attention and time it deserves in order to nurture it and get it to the height and level where the whole world will marvel. It means sacrificing and letting go off certain things in order to make it work. In terms of sacrifice, what are you ready to sacrifice in order to make your marriage work? In the face of poverty and having searched for jobs for many years before finally landing your dream career job, can you resign or quit just to please your partner or save your marriage?

Knowing that you may never get a second chance at landing such a lucrative job again, would you choose to save your marriage instead of continuing with the said job? I mean can you really hand in your letter of resignation even if you are aware of the fact that your partner doesn’t have the capacity to cater for the two of you?

What if the job is one that offers you an avenue to develop and build your career; would you still go ahead and do what your partner says?

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