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Can You Forgive Your Husband If He Impregnates Someone Close To You?

1 Mins read

Can You Forgive Your Husband If He Impregnates Someone Close To You?

This is one of the toughest questions you probably have come across. It is a nut too tough to crack; but some of these things are inevitable in life. They happen just when you least expected them to. I am can imagine how you felt when you saw that topic; something within you probably said ‘God forbid!’ What if happens to you? Would you ever forgive your husband or boyfriend if he puts someone close to you in the family way? I know it is one of those things an average African doesn’t want to conceive in his thoughts, but the truth is that no one ever plans for it.

It is one of those things you pray against, and wish never to happen to you; but what if it does; what would you do? Would you pack out of the house, attack your husband or simply forgive him and move on?

Can you truly ever find a place in your heart to forgive your husband if such a thing happens? What if you caught your husband and the culprit sleeping with each other on your matrimonial bed and later find out that she is expecting his baby?

What will you do? Do you know of anyone who has been down this lane before ?  Do you think you can truly forgive your husband?



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