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Unanswered Questions

Can Marriage Change A Player?

1 Mins read

Can Marriage Change A Player?

I have heard and read on so many occasions where people claim that a player  can change as soon as he gets married. This is a common thing among the aged; they are always of the view that marriage comes along with maturity including abandoning the life of a playboy and becoming a responsible and faithful lover.

Can marriage change a gigolo? Can a leopard change its spot? Is it possible for a man who has lived all his adult life chasing after ladies to suddenly or gradually change from being a playboy to a faithful lover? Have you been through similar situation? How did you handle it? Do you think a player can change once he settles down to marriage life?

Is marriage enough incentive to transform or encourage a gigolo to abandon his lifestyle and embrace the lifestyle of a faithful husband or partner? What is the secret about marriage that makes a lot of people think it makes a man change from being promiscuous to being responsible?

Actually I have seen a couple of men confess that they no longer live the kind of life they used to live because marriage has transformed them; what is the secret behind it?


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