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Unanswered Questions

Can A Woman Ever Love Her Stepson The Same Way She Loves Hers?

1 Mins read

Blood is thicker than water. That is what they always say when it comes to loving someone that is very close to you than someone else. This brings us to today’s question; and a very interesting one at that. Can a woman ever love her stepson the same way she lovers hers?

Perhaps, I should put it in a different way in order to make it more appealing to you. Can you show the same love to a child given birth to by another woman for your husband?

Well a lot of ladies would say yes to the question; but I am sure it is not half as easy as they say. We hear stories of stepmoms maltreating their stepchildren every day and everywhere we go to. Some women are so mean that they could send their stepchild out in the cold just to punish him. Some children have been given all sorts of marks on their body by some stepmoms; so it makes it a bit difficult to believe that some women can actually share and show the type of love we are talking about here. However, it is not impossible that is why this question is being posted here today.

So let’s hear what you have to say…

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