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Arise Nigeria

1 Mins read

Arise Nigeria

So many years after the death of good hearted people, a new set of leaders who are armed with pocket programmes emerged. They emerged under the camouflage of fair leadership. Alas! We were deceived.

They fished out the black sheep among good citizens. They gave those bribes and all in exchange for the secret of the passageway into the depth of our hearts. Men we took for flawless leaders. Men we took for human right preserver. They suddenly turned to something beyond our control. They shamelessly transformed to some other things far from fair.

Under the shield of moonless nights, they destroyed hopes, shatter dreams, cut through people’s right. They turned green grasses to yellowish brown. They made us believe that the white linen, which we saw clearly, was black and we could not but comply. The crude oil that flows like honey under the grounds of our feet was made scarce to us. They even put embargo on each drop of our sweats before our very eyes and we could not revolt.

How can we sit back and watch people make selfish living out of our motherland? Where are the so called activists who gave their words to fight for citizen’s right? When Fela died, have they all disappeared with fear?

Arise Nigeria and kick against bad rulership.

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