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Unanswered Questions

Are Husbands Truly Scarce?

1 Mins read

We don’t live our lives by speculations because that would be tantamount to sleeping with fire on our rooftop. So that is why we have set out to find out how true what people have been saying for a very long time now. A lot of men; ladies inclusive are of the belief that there are more women out there that are ready to marry than men. In other words, there are more women searching for men to get married to than men. So are husbands truly scarce?

While some are of the view that this statement is true, none have come out to support their argument with facts. They have always based their believes on the number of ladies they see at parties, churches, and other places.

Ladies how bothered are you with such popular beliefs? Do you believe that your chance of finding a true man that loves you and is ready to settle down is limited? Does this statement make you become desperate or relaxed?

Guys do you feel like you have the upper hand when it comes finding the right partner? What gives you the edge when it comes to choosing when to settle down with the right person?

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