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A Kind Heart I Once Met

3 Mins read

One thing about being full of yourself is, you get carried away, before you offend people, you don’t realise it.

When you’re full of yourself, you don’t hear anything else other than what you say, and quite frankly, your thinking shrinks to a limit about yourself.

I’d like to use this as an example so you get the in-depth knowledge of, full of yourself, or feeling important, or acting on top of the world.

When you’re on your phone in deep chat with someone special, or you’re trying to close a deal, no matter how focused you are, if a cockroach or a rat is passing at the far end of the wall, adjacently opposite you, it’ll be hazy, but you’ll see it. So long the object moves, your eyes will pick the movement and draw your attention to it… At that level of focus.

But if you’re full of yourself, you won’t know.

I learnt my lessons early, I stopped being full of myself when I was in primary five.

Sometimes, we don’t need theory, we need practical to get the message. Experience, they say, is the best teacher.

I had a lot of friends when I was in primary five. I was popular and I walked with a lot of my friends by my side. I was beautiful and had quite rich parents. I was intelligent, and trust me, I was full of myself. I always wanted to correct people in the most demoralising manner ever. I was the type that would help someone and I’d make it a trend on social media. I saw everyone else under me. I didn’t take corrections. Although, I wasn’t entirely aware then, I do to others what I wouldn’t want others to do to me. I gave out money a lot, not because I was heartily generous, I just want to be the helper and not the beggar, it was the name, and the respect it brought to me.

I had five friends whom were always with me, it was my crew then. Six of us loved groundnut. I used to spend all my launch money sometimes to buy groundnut for all six of us. And this was because the seller was good at it.

Among my friends was Ada, an Igbo shy girl. She loved being among us, but find it hard to come out of herself. She’s introverted, wasn’t really the rich kind of kid. She patches herself up. Her uniform was always not in good shape.

Ada sometimes loved sitting alone while the rest five of us stick to ourselves.

It was break period one day, we were all outside; Ada wasn’t sitting with us as usual. I had no money that day to buy groundnut. So I noticed Ada was walking to the groundnut seller’s store, and I called to her to please buy groundnut for. She smiled and nodded.

On her way back, she was eating groundnut and had one in her hand. She gave it to me, and I was thankful. But when I looked at the groundnut, it wasn’t really as plenty as the one we used to buy. Because we’d been buying for so long, I knew the quantity — she’d eaten, even if it’s small, from the one she gave to me.

I was angry, so I told my friends that she’d eaten out of it and I threw it on the floor. Then I was just there angry at how greedy Ada was. After some time I went to the lady who sold groundnuts to inquire how many groundnut Ada bought.

She said if I was the one that owned the groundnut Ada bought, then Ada had not done well… She told me Ada opened the groundnut and took out about five grains or so, then tied the nylon back.

“Then many groundnut did she buy?” I asked.

“Only one,” the seller said.

And I went back to my crew. I was there for some time and didn’t tell them what the woman said. I can be full of myself, but I easily break into tears. It didn’t take long before I begun crying. My four other friends asked what the matter was, but I couldn’t say.

I started towards the direction Ada was, crying. I could not hold back tears, her heart was too kind I’d been so blinded by greed and self importance.

I apologized as soon as I saw her. I fell down on my knees and asked her to forgive me.

If she’d told me she had money for just one, she’d look greedy, but even with her improvisation, I didn’t still see the kindness. I wept on her lap for so long, she wanted to know what happened, all I told her was she was the kindest heart I’ve met.

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