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6 Key Signs To Know You Are In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

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One of the most difficult things to do in an emotionally abusive relationship is picking up the signs. It is difficult to know you are being abused emotionally because everything that is wrong with the relationship is tainted—you excuse everything that happens to you as love. You insist he loves you and continue to deny he is emotionally abusing you. It is important to identify the signs of emotional abuse because you will be emotionally broken down by your abuser. Below are 6 warning signs you are in an emotionally abusive relationship.

1.He Wants You Around Him Always
This sounds great doesn’t it? When the only thing a guy wants to do all the time is attach himself to you all the time, then you need to watch it. This is one of the biggest signs your relationship is not heading towards the right path. Don’t get me wrong though, it is normal for a couple to want to hang out with each other frequently for the first few months, but this could lead to something else if you barely have time for yourself—it means he is trying to control you.

2.He Makes All The Rules And Acts Like A Dictator All The Time
He complains and sees everything wrong with your friends. He sees everything wrong in hanging out with them, but doesn’t see anything wrong in doing similar thing with his friends. He doesn’t hide the fact that he hates your best friend because she is the one pointing out the ills in your relationship.

3.He Forbids You From Keeping In Touch With Your Loved Ones
Isolation is the key word! You start losing contacts of friends and family—this is probably the worst sign of an emotionally abusive relationship. Your world in recent times revolves around him to avoid fighting and constant accusations that you are being unfaithful. If you your guy is trying to force you to choose between him and other friends that you have, then you are in an abusive relationship.

4.He Wants To Know Your Every Move
He monitors you, calls you every second, and wants to know your every movement—then you need to watch it. This is a really bad sign because he wants to limit your freedom and take charge of your everyday life. He wants details of every movement you make, every decision you take, and gets mad when you take a step without getting him involved in it.

5.He Puts You Down With Abusive Words
A good and healthy relationship should have abusive and derogatory words in its vocabulary. When a man starts using such words as ‘stupid,’ ‘fat,’ ‘idiot’ ‘fool’ and the likes; then chances are that you are being put down. An emotionally abusive guy will accuse you of making a big deal out of nothing when you tell him he’s being hurtful. He feels he needs to lower your self esteem in order to always make you stay with him; he is insecure.

6.He Gives You The Cold Shoulder
When he gets mad at you, he stops picking your calls, stops replying your text messages, and gives you the silent treatment. He won’t even give you an idea why he is acting that way. He feels the best way to punish you is to stay away from you for a while.

If any or all of those six signs are part of your relationship, then you probably need someone to talk to.

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