3 Years Relationship Is On The Verge Of Collapse-What Should I Do?


3 Years Relationship Is On The Verge Of Collapse-What Should I Do?

You may not understand why some people in spite of the pain and stress they undergo in some relationship; still continue to endure. Well, mine is or shall I say was not just about the pain I am suffering or suffered; but the huge investments I had made as well as the sacrifices already made.

Sometimes buying a woman the entire world may not be enough to make her love you the way you should. Sometimes giving her one of your eyeballs may also not be enough to stop her from preferring other guys to you. I gave Catherine my all; I painted her name in gold, and displayed her like a trophy in the cloud. What did I get for all these? I got just a phone call after 3 years asking me not to come to her house again.

What exactly did I do wrong? I started dating Catherine when I had nothing; I mean virtually nothing in terms of material possession. Things were quite tough then, and I had to depend on her for virtually everything things I needed to buy or do. We were closer than most people thought; and even our relationship baffled a lot of people because they wondered what a girl that pretty would be doing with a pauper like me.

As God would have it, things changed for the better, and by the grace of God, I am one of the most eligible bachelors in the country today. I have nothing less than 30 people working for me. I am so comfortable (rich) that I can afford to offer scholarships to 5 or more undergraduates in any Nigerian private university at the same time.

I know money is not everything in life, and Catherine is not the type of woman you can buy with money. This was a woman who dated me for more than one year when I had nothing; so I know it is not about money. What then could be the problem because I had not stopped showing her love and affection? As a matter of fact, I am even more devoted to our relationship than I used to. So what then is the problem because suddenly she called my number last week and said she wasn’t interested in the relationship any more. I am at sea because we never had any argument a day before I got the call.

Things between us have gone from bad to worse because Catherine has returned the car I bought her, and even returned the laptop and Smartphone I also bought for her.

Just to clarify things, the source of my wealth is God, and I give Him all the glory. Catherine and I were able to make a few supplies, and that was how we started before we got a major breakthrough that got me to where I am today. She knows everything about my business.

Have I cheated on her once? No, the thought of that never crossed my mind. Though, the mother didn’t support our relationship from start; but things have since changed especially when I started making my supplies.

I need help because she is everything to me, and it is going to be very difficult marrying anyone else.




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