15 Ways To Get Him Committed-Part 3


In our last series of “15 ways to get him committed-part 2,” we treated amongst other issues the importance of not pretending and not making yourself cheap because you want to please a man. Today, we want to look at the other five things you need to do or not do in order to get him committed.

  1. Do Not Try To Force Change

A lot of ladies do this very often. The truth is that you can’t force a change upon a man. If there are certain things you can’t change about him, and you feel you can’t stand those things; then don’t date him. Don’t start a relationship with a man whose attitudes and ways of dressing you can’t endure.

  1. Take The Back Seat and Let Him Be The Superman

This might sound odd, especially for most women who love to champion equal rights. The truth about men, which may never change is they have ego. Men love ego boost, so one way to get him to commit is to stroke his self-esteem. So when next he comes visiting, allow him to move a few heavy boxes around. This gives him a sense of pride; and of course, do not forget to chip in a word or two about how helpful he is and how his presence has really helped you a lot.

  1. Let Him Have His Way Sometimes

Sometimes you have to let a man have his way. Don’t moan about the time he spends with his buddies in the club or the time he spends hanging out with his colleagues after work; you value the time you spend with your friends, so you have got to let him have his fun times too. Don’t act like a possessive or jealous woman because this is not a trait most men want in a woman or a life time partner.

  1. Quit Playing Games

Stop playing hard to get because that is what some of those lady magazines want you to do. Games won’t win the heart of a man you intend to spend the rest of your life with. Of course, a bit of sass here and there won’t be a bad idea once in a while, but be wise about it.

  1. Win His Family & Friends Over

Do you want a sure fire way to get a man to commit his future to you; then you have to win his family and friends over. Once you have scored some major points with his mum and dad, it won’t be long before he starts seeing you as the right woman to spend the rest of his life with. His friends fall into similar category; win them over and it won’t be long until the wedding bell starts ringing.

There you have them all explained; it’s up to you to put them to work. Don’t fail to drop your comments and feedbacks as we would love to hear from you soon.


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