Unlike women, men always put up this superman look that makes you think they are never hurt by things that hurt the opposite sex. Nonetheless, all men have hearts and emotions, and feel some measure of hurts sometimes in their life. They suffer heartbreaks; even if they don’t let it show same way women let theirs flow.

A lot of women have lost the peace they once had in their home and relationship because they took certain things about their partners for granted. Did you know that pushing your man until he has his back against the wall can drive him out and into the arms of another woman?

There are certain things you should never do or should do to keep your man happy all the time. When a man is happy, there is so much peace and comfort in a relationship. Have a look at these five things you must never do to your man if you want a happy home and relationship:

  1. Never relegate him to the background: A lot of ladies do this, especially after having a couple of kids. The man is soon relegated to the back seat as soon as some women start having babies. A man wants to be treated like a king and regardless of how much he loves his child; he still wants to retain his rightful place in your life.
  2. Never take his love for granted: Naturally women are more emotional than men; but women love to think that men don’t deserve to be loved same way. Love him just as much as he deserves if you don’t want his attention drawn elsewhere.
  3. Never make nagging a habit of yours: Not every woman nags, but the ones who do are terrible at doing it. How about showing him some care and kindness when he gets back from work tired and badly in need of a cool shower? Stop reviving dead and buried issues that have been relegated to the background. A man wants to move on to more important and productive argument and discussion; let him have the peace he so much desires.
  4. Never put him on the spot: Women sometimes can be curious about everything a man does. If you keep probing and asking funny questions about his whereabouts and why he decides to take a particular routes or call a particular number for example; then you are acting like he is always in some kind of interview.
  5. Don’t always insist on having the last say: Some women like to have the final say every time there is an argument with their husbands—this is not the perfect way to build a home. Give him some honour by letting him have the last word on major family issues sometimes; after all, he is the head of the family.