Young Girls Read My Story And Avoid The Same Mistakes I Made


Young Girls Read My Story And Avoid The Same Mistakes I Made

Sometimes life allows us to make our mistakes and also give us several opportunities to amend or correct them. Sometimes though, it only gives us one opportunity to make amends. However, what happens when that opportunity to make amends never comes your way?

Dear readers, I found myself in a kind of situation where life gave me all I ever needed to make it as a young and charming your girl. I grew up as one of the most attractive young girls in my neighbourhood. I was the cynosure of all eyes back then, and every man including the married wanted to have something to do with me.

I was also very intelligent, which made me the number one choice of my parents. I got virtually everything I wanted or asked of from my parents. I went to one of the best boarding schools somewhere in the eastern part of the country. However, my childhood days were not free from controversies and problems as I became a victim of pride. The truth about life is that we must always learn to say no in ways and manners that will never hurt other people. Though, there are certain people who may never take no for an answer no matter how you turn them down.

My first problem as a young girl started while I was in the boarding house. I won’t quite call it being decent as that has nothing to do with my case. No woman in life has the right to insult and mock any man when he asks her out. I didn’t realise this until it was too late. I arrogantly turned down a lot of guys in my early days; and foolishly acted as if the entire world belonged to me.

Maybe my parents didn’t teach me a couple of things about how to deal or relate with guys; but I don’t want to blame them in anyway.

In my final year in the boarding house, I didn’t know that some guys were planning to gang-rape me. No one told me about it; and I won’t blame them because I only had few friends. Of course, they succeeded, and that got me pregnant. It is the reason I couldn’t complete my secondary education at that time. My parents were really distraught, and had to withdraw me from the school after the discovery.

I have a son whose father is unknown. Each time I look at him, he reminds me of that painful day. He brings back sad memories of the day a group of boys raped me.

Perhaps, the most painful part of my life and which brings me to the reason why I am writing this is the fact that I will be 45 years old in few weeks time; and I am still single. My passion for turning down guys didn’t stop while I was in the boarding house; it continued right after that time. My parents didn’t help matters too as they protected me too much from mixing up with guys. They made sure no guy came looking for me at home, and succeeded in creating an impression that no man is to be trusted.

The problem got worse after I was raped while in the boarding house; and until date, I have only dated only a few guys all my life.

At 44 going to 45, I can only hope for a miracle because no man wants to commit to long term with me.

Parents and young girls should understand that there is a thin line between being decent and being rude. Don’t deny your daughters opportunities to mix with the opposite sex; teach them instead how to relate with them.




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