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My Fiance Slapped Me

2 Mins read

My Fiance Slapped Me

Dear readers,

My name is Chisom. I’m from Igbo background but grew up in Lagos. I was born and bred in Lagos and I never had the chance to speak or learn my original language. Yoruba automatically became my mother tongue. You would never have guessed that I have the least Igbo blood that runs through me. I often forget that fact myself as most of my friends calls me Shade.

My fiancé met me through a friend. He already knew me as Shade even before we got talking so we didn’t do much introduction. Throughout our courtship period, I never mentioned my Igbo background to him. Not because I wanted to hide it but, because I never saw myself as one.  I totally forgot that part of me during our relationship as it grew stronger.

When it was time for us to meet our families formally, the issue arose. I told him that my parents wanted me to have a traditional wedding. He said it was alright by him because he thought it was Lagos. I’d always boasted to him that “I’m a Lagos girl.” I didn’t know he would reason that I was an indigene of Lagos state.

I jokingly asked him one day if he had been preparing for his trip to Anambra. He surprisingly asked what on earth he would be going to do in that place. For the first time, I realised I haven’t ever told him about my background.

I told him bluntly that I am from Anambra state but I don’t know my village. He told me sternly to repeat myself and I did with my voice shaking.

The next thing I heard was two thunderous slaps one after the other on one side of my face and I was dumb founded. He thought I deliberately hid my identity from him and so he slapped me for the first time in our relationship and walked out on me saying I lied to him.

Now, I’m confused. I want to go find him and tender my explanation. But, if I do that and he accepts me back, won’t he continue to slap or even beat me like drum later in future?

I’m so confused as I write this story. I don’t know what to do anymore . Dear ID readers, please come to my aid.


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