Never Marry A Man Younger Than You If You Can’t Handle The Pressure


Never Marry A Man Younger Than You If You Can’t Handle The Pressure

Dear readers I know a lot of you must be wondering why I used such a headline if love has nothing to do with age. The truth is that marring someone much younger than you are can be such a big problem if your heart and mind is not prepared for what comes next after it. The pressure comes in different stages, and the more determined you think you are, the higher the pressure gets.

I was 39 years old when I started dating Biodun, who by the way is 6 years younger than me. Though, I opened up to him about the huge gap in age, and asked him if he was ready to do it; and he said yes. I had to ask him that question because I had seen a lot of men jilt me as soon as they find out the difference in age. Besides, I am the type of woman who is a bit fleshy, which makes it easier for people to mistake me for a married woman.

Biodun and I dated for more than a year before I allowed him to come to my house. I gave him a tough time because I didn’t want him to be counted among several others that have broken my heart in the past. My mum was surprised when I brought him home, but she was not too anxious because of the things that have happened in the past. All the same things moved swiftly between the two of us since my parents and family trusted my decision.

However, things were not that smooth, and still aren’t smooth with Biodun’s family and friends.  Surely they know that there is a huge difference in age, but how informed they are is a different matter because I am not sure Biodun went as far as to open up to even his mum. I expected them to make a lot of troubles with me, but not like what I have been experiencing especially since we got married last month. Yes Biodun and I got married in spite of all the hostilities, but it is just like the start of a big battle.

The mother in particular has taken the battle to my family and is slandering my name. She is busy telling the whole world that I charmed her son, and that the end will soon come. Our marriage is not even up to a month and I already feel like throwing in the towel. Biodun’s friends are not even helping matters because there seem to be a limit to people we can visit because of our marriage. All I wanted was to be happy, and I did open up to Biodun about my fears. Though, he keeps assuring me of his faithfulness and love, I only wonder for how long. I wonder if Biodun will be able to endure the insults and embarrassment for that long.

I have never travelled out of this country before, but I am aware from things I have seen and heard that age is not a factor in advanced countries.

What should I do?



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