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Unanswered Questions

Why Do People Feel So Trapped In Marriages And Can’t Get Out?

1 Mins read

Why Do People Feel So Trapped In Marriages And Can’t Get Out?

Why should I remain in a marriage when I feel so miserable and unhappy? Why should I continue to endure a marriage that is nothing but frustrating and humiliating to say the least? Many people remain in marriages that provide them with nothing but torture and mental drain; could this be right?

Is it a crime to walk out of a marriage that has continued to defy all efforts aimed at making it work? Why remain in marriage that defies counseling, therapy, and even prayer in some cases? Why do we seem to care so much about what the society would think of us if we walked out of a marriage than our welfare and life?

Yes, it is tough to walk out of a marriage but don’t  you also owe yourself some form of happiness in life?Well ,I hear people say the only reason a man should walk out of his marriage is if spouse commits adultery .Is that truly the only reason?

As a christain we were brought up to understand that you really have to do everything to make your marriage work but what of if you have done everything to the best of your ability and also gone an extral mile to let God take control but still find out things are not working, do you still have to hang in there and remain unhappy for the rest of your life?

I am of the opinion that you truly have to  fight for what you truly believe in but I have also witnessed so many couples giving different reasons why they prefer to stay in the marriage and don’t see anything wrong by seeking joy and happniess from someone else outside the marriage while still married.Is that not worse off?

This brings me back to the  question ,why do people feel so trapped in marriages and can’t get out?

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