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What If I Raped You? A Man Said That To Me 4 Years Ago And Now…

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What If I Raped You? A Man Said That To Me 4 Years Ago And Now…

The stories and tales of woes we read online and in newspapers about women and ladies being raped in India and other countries of the world are the reason why I have also decided to open up on my personal experience. Besides, there couldn’t have been a better time to share this story since the man that forcefully had sex with me is now at my mercy.

About a year after I graduated from the university, I was unfortunate to be raped by a man who also attended the same interview with me. We had boarded the same bus from Obalende towards Siamese after the interview which lasted the entire day. The interview was actually slated for 2 pm in the afternoon, but didn’t start until about 3:25 due to a couple of delays as explained by the panel of interviewers. Luckily for me, the delay was worth it because I was given the job. However, there was this guy who also attended the same interview but was not lucky to get the job.

As I was saying, we boarded the same bus from Obalende to Siamese. As we alighted from the bus, he asked me where I was heading to, and I told him; and unfortunately he was also heading towards the same direction. At that time it was getting late, and I didn’t see anything wrong in having him around me at that time of the day; and moreover, he was dressed like a perfect gentleman.

As we got down from the bus, and with just about 15 minutes walk to where I live, he asked me to give him 5 minutes of my time so we could talk. At this stage, I must confess that I was naive because we have been coming all the way from the Island since the past 1 hour, and he never said he wanted to say anything to me until a few minutes to getting to my house. Besides, I was so foolish not to notice that we were not far from a dangerous spot around my area where a lot of girls have been raped.

Already I knew from experience as a lady that he wanted to ask me out, and I decided to listen since I wasn’t into any relationship then. To be honest, he looked decent and well mannered; but I was eventually proved wrong when he brought out a dagger and threatened to slash my throw if I fail to cooperate with him. He held his hand over my mouth, dragged me to a corner, and asked me to lie on the bare floor. All attempt to plead with him to leave me fell on deaf hear as he slapped and hit me on several occasions before he finally succeeded in raping me. I got home that night not able to share my tale of woe with anybody because of the fear of being mocked.

As luck would have it, I came across that same guy that raped me that night one Sunday afternoon when I was coming back from church. I was surprised to see him coming back from church. The moment I saw him across the road, I went straight to him confidently and before I could say a word he asked me this question: “…and what if I raped you?” I was least expecting that; what has this world turned into? Of course, I couldn’t raise alarm because it is no longer a big deal to be raped in some parts of the city; after all, it is not easy to prove it.

I won’t prolong this story any further since my God has eventually vindicated me and given me victory. The same man that raped me 4 years ago is the same man trying to have his  application approved by the same high commission where I now work for.

I see it as a big opportunity to have my sweet revenge I think, but  I feel my conscience would not allow me to go ahead  with my plan of making  his life also miserable.

My mind is almost made up on what to do; but the truth of the matter is how would I feel after doing such an act myself . I need some advice on what to do.


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