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What Would You Do If You Caught Him Pants Down On The Eve Of Your Wedding?

1 Mins read

What Would You Do If You Caught Him Pants Down On The Eve Of Your Wedding?

Every woman’s dream is to have a wedding that will always be remembered for the way it was organized. It means everything must go well, and anything contrary can lead to emotional dislocation, which could lead to taking irrational decision or step. No one prays for the unexpected, and that is why we always make sure that all things are well-taken care of prior to that time. So what happens if the man you thought you knew very well was caught pants down on the eve of your wedding?

Things likes these do happen, and indeed has happened in real life. They caught their guys pants down doing the act, and all hell  broke loose. So what would you do if you found yourself in that position? Would you go ahead with the wedding as planned or bust the bubble? I know a lot of people would say ‘God forbid,’ but when it comes to life, anything can indeed happen.

I know the situation is pretty difficult to analyze because it is the last thing you want to think about; but one has got to be prepared for things like this if you know what I mean. The thing is, when it does happen, actions can be spontaneous due to the fact that it happened out of the blues. So open up and let’s reasons this together, and who knows, you could find yourself in a situation where you have to counsel someone not to do something stupid.

It is important to consider what your actions or reactions would be if you catch him pants down.What will you do in such an akward situation?


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