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Bode Only God Can Change You!

2 Mins read

Bode Only God Can Change You!

I always knew something in life will be so difficult to change that one just has to surrender. Nevertheless, I didn’t reckon that a man like Bode existed. That man is a typical example of that popular saying; ‘a Leopard never changes its skin.’

Bode and I have been dating for six years, and each time I look back at those years, I wonder how I manages to live through the pains, and disappointment he put me through. Young girls out there, I want you to know that it is dangerous to go into any relationship with intentions of changing your man. Not all men are bad though, Bode is however, one of a kind who doesn’t deserve a woman’s love and loyalty.

He lacks respect for women in general. I am not saying this because we have both parted ways; I am saying this because it is a general consensus amongst his neighbours and all those who have known him for years. How many times during our six terrible years of painful relationship did Bode call off our wedding? I felt bad when he called off our wedding a couple of times, but I think I have every reason to be grateful to God because I now know better.

Not everything about Bode is bad in fairness to him. Perhaps, his greatest asset in in his looks. He is the most attractive young man I have dated, and no wonder he keeps using it as a weapon to lead gullible ladies like me astray. Looks aside, Bode is also a very generous guy who finds easier to give to those who ask him. His benevolence also extends to other people’s wives, and that is how fools them into bed.

It was foolish on my part to think I could change him, but how stupid I was. The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when I caught him sleeping with my little cousin who only recently turned fifteen years. Can you imagine a man who is in his close to his fortieth birthday making love to a girl who is still in the secondary school?

I also discovered that he got a young girl in his area pregnant, and she was actually on the verge of aborting the pregnancy when her mum got wind of the whole thing. A lot of revelation have since been coming out since the discovery. To my disappointment and embarrassment, Bode has also slept with a lot of secondary school girls in his neighborhood, and doesn’t see anything wrong.

I have had enough of heartbreaks and being tagged the fiancé of a man who doesn’t have any shame left in him. I have called it quit, and nothing can ever make me change my mind anymore. He doesn’t deserve my love, and all I have to do now is wait for that right man to walk into my life.

People say he would change, but I don’t see that happening; and I say that with all sense of conviction.


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