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Sometimes, I watch young folks say the list of what they want in their husband or wife. I am not talking about the childish list. Like she must be beautiful. He must be dark. She must be slim and so on. I am talking about serious list.

He must be intelligent.
He must be rich
She must be a boss lady deploying her purpose already.
She must be a prayer warrior.
She must be totally stable emotionally.
He must be very romantic and at the same time on fire spiritually….

The list are usually endless. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but what I just want to open your eyes to tonight is this. WHAT IF YOUR HUSBAND OR WIFE IS NOT GOING TO COME READY MADE? What if he or she would come in raw material? What if he will come as a work in progress?

It is okay to desire a romantic and fire filled man but what if he won’t come like that and you will be the one to teach him how to balance his spirituality with being romantic.

It is wise to desire a wife that is totally stable emotionally like your friend’s wife but wait, what if in your case she won’t come totally matured emotionally and you will have to be the one to help her attain that high emotional intelligence.

Some of you looking for a prayer warrior. The problem is not that she is not a prayer warrior but you are still looking for that prayer warrior that can bring a thousand to flight. What if your coming together as one will help her put ten thousand to flight.

I can’t dispute the fact that some people’s or husband come as a ready made. Just the way they want it. Yours might actually be the reverse. It might be a raw material or work in progress. It takes the spirit of God to discern yours rightly. We must get to that realm of totally submitting to the voice of God if we want to get it right.

Some people are still single today, looking for a spouse even while they have actually met them but because it doesn’t look like that ready made they crave for they miss it. Some of us will have to build each other from the raw stage. It takes the grace of God to accept this especially if you have grown too far already.

As long as the person is teachable and you are sure that God is leading you please go ahead. Enough of waiting for ready made. Watch and pray that you might not make such mistake.

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