My Late Best Friend’s Husband Wants Me To Marry Him


My Late Best Friend’s Husband Wants Me To Marry Him

Sometimes you find yourself in some kind of situations you never really expected, and that is what I am facing at the moment.

Sandra and I were like twins, and not many people know us to be friends, as a matter of fact, most people in our university days thought we were siblings. We shared and did a lot of things in common, but death has now separated the two of us.

Sandra died almost two years ago in the process of putting to birth. Though, her baby lived, she couldn’t stay as she had been in labour far too long to have the strength to survive, and so we lost her to the cold hands of death.

She left behind her husband and a cute little angel who was named Simi, and things have not really been that easy considering the fact that both of them were not married for that long before death came knocking at her door.

Tade, my late friend’s husband is now starting to see me as the person to replace his wife, which to me looks absurd since I already have someone I am engaged to. He wants me to marry him because he feels I am the only one who can take the place of his late wife.

I not only find this absurd, how can he expect me to marry him when I have someone I am already engaged to? I don’t have such strong feelings for him, and even though I feel for him, I cannot see myself walking down the aisle with a man was the husband to my late best friend until her death.

Sandra’s parents, brothers, sisters, and cousins see me as a big part of the family; but there is no way to explain to them that I moved into Sandra’s matrimonial home soon after her death.

As I am writing this, Tade has not stopped pestering me and sending people to plead with me to move into his house and become his wife. I don’t even know what to do or what to say. It is not even an issue I can explain to members of Sandra’s family because it makes me feel awkward and senseless.

Please advise me on what to do as I feel like drowning myself in the river to be free from this pressure.


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