How My Obsession For Dangerous Driving Ruined Me


Dear Iyanda readers, there is nothing as traumatic as not being able to do the things you ordinary would have done without anyone’s assistance. I lost my ability to walk or use my feet again because I was obsessed with dangerous driving. My passion for driving at incredible speed knew no bound since my dad got me my first car when I turned the age of 21.

They say birds of a feather flock together; and that exactly describes the group of friends I moved with while I was in the university. We always turned the express roads into race tracks where our lives and safety mattered only a little. It didn’t matter what anyone said, what I only cared about was how to get to the next destination in record time. Not that my parents didn’t bother to caution or warn me about my dangerous lifestyle; I was just obsessed with driving dangerously.

One Sunday afternoon when I was coming back from Lekki in company of a couple of friends of mine, I decided to go against my intuition not to over speed because one of my friends was organizing a party that I had to attend. I just wanted to get to the party on time so I would be able to catch a glimpse of some of the cute girls invited to the party before the place becomes too crowded. My friends were making all kinds of noise, and challenging me; they wanted me to apply more speed to see if I could beat the time we had set to arrive at the venue. Interestingly, the road was very free that afternoon, and there was no reason not to accept their challenge.

I did apply more speed, but the truth of the matter is that the mystery of how I found myself in the hospital alive with my car totally written off is still a mystery to me. The only thing I remember was the car that I was trying to overtake; and whatever happened thereafter is still a mystery today.

I was the only survival of the accident, but not without broken legs. I am not sure I can ever walk on my feet again because I have been in this wheelchair for years now. Two of my very close friends were part of that car crash; and today, they are no more all because of my obsession for careless driving and I can’t seem to forgive myself.

My advice for everyone out there is that you should  be careful in life. Sukanmi and Jude are not alive today to tell the story; but the horror of the incident remains green in my memory.

How do I continue to live knowing I might never walk again or knowing the fact that I killed my friends in the accident?

How can I really move on with my life?



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