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My Mother-In-Law To Be Was Our Cruel Cook In My Boarding School Days!

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There are some memories you wished would just go away; but no matter what will continue to linger. As much as I would love to retain memories of my boarding house days; the memories of my wicked boarding house cook will never go away. The image of her cruel habits stuck with me like shadow, and there is no way I won’t recognise ‘mama kitchen’ even in the dark. I wonder how many mothers would give their kids two balls of bean cake (akara) and lots of pap without sugar; my mum is not that cruel at least.

Cruel as she was, mama kitchen had her favourites among the boarders; and my friends and I were certainly not one of them. The boarding house authorities too didn’t help matters as most of our complaints were regarded as act of indiscipline and rebellion. She would swear at us, and use all kinds of despicable words against us. She would always tell us that we would never get a responsible person to marry us. She was constant threat to my stay in the boarding house, and was one major reason I never enjoyed returning to school after every holiday.

She even hated me so much that she hardly responds to my greetings, and would never hesitate to report me to the school authorities whenever an opportunity presents itself. The six years I spent in the boarding house was like hell, and imagine the joy that filled my heart after writing my final papers. I remember praying to God to never let me come across such a cruel woman in life; let alone having her as a mother in-law. This was however, not to be because ‘mama kitchen is about becoming my mother in-law.

A woman that made me skip my mills for many days while in the boarding house is about to be my mother in-law!

Gbade had invited me to visit his home town in Ijero in Ekiti State to meet his parents. This was to be a part of preparation towards our traditional marriage that was to take place very soon. So off we went one Saturday afternoon to Ijero to see my would-be mother in-law. You would think 9 years was enough time to forget what her voice sounded like; but I felt this sudden cold sweat run through my body the moment I heard her voice from the inside!

My fears were further confirmed as she and her husband (my fiancé’s parents) came into the seating to meet us. I recognized her instantly and felt almost like going back to Lagos. Dear Lord, this cannot be happening to me; and even though I was shocked she didn’t recognize me, I fear I may have to choose between the man I love and this cruel woman. If I had to choose between walking out of this wedding and my sanity; then I think I will opt for the latter.

We spent just one night in Ijero, and not even once did my mother in-law to be stopped nagging and complaining about this or that; well she was not harsh towards me. The point is, this woman complains a lot and thinks she is more righteous than everyone else. Gbade doesn’t even know that his mum and I have met before , but I am not sure I can hold on for so long without telling him although he is quite close to his mum. I can’t have that kind of a person for a mother in-law; never! The only problem I have is I could go insane if I am unable to marry Gbade. To be honest, I wished she wouldn’t live long to witness our wedding.God forgive me

I need honest advice as soon as possible please!



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