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Unanswered Questions

Is It Wrong To Live With Your Partner Before Marriage?

1 Mins read

Is It Wrong To Live With Your Partner Before Marriage?

This is one question I have heard a lot of people ask over the years; and I wonder what your own answer would be. What is actually wrong to live with your partner before marriage? Is there anything wrong in living with someone and trying to find out what that person’s behaviour is before marriage?

Stories are all over the place about married men and women who claim that because they never got intimate with their partners  or spent quality time before marriage, are now being forced to live with behaviours they never thought their spouses could have. Mom is the word for some married couples; they face a lot of challenges they wished someone had warned them of before tying the knots or could have avoided if they had spent more quality time together?

Is it too bad to spend some weekends at your would-be partner’s place if that is all it takes to know certain traits? What if he is works at night as an armed robber  or who snores away the night as if he simply doesn’t care about who is lying next to her or she also farts recklessly, and doesn’t give a hoot about whose ox is gored.Imagine if she also travels at night to go for meetings in the underworld.hehehe

Perhaps, it is a cultural or traditional thing; but someone must have started it anyway.But its very interesting when you come across some people who live outside the shores of the country; and you hear them living together and giving reasons like , its easier to live together so has to cut down on bills, or save more money for the future.

Whats your take on it ?Is it right or wrong?






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