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From Job Hunting To Bed Warming In Just 24 Hours!

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I am not attempting to justify my actions, but I think you will understand the reason for my decision the moment you are done reading my story. Moreover, only those who have been in my situation before can actually understand my predicament.

Just like every other day before that fateful day, I went out to drop the hard copy of my resume at one of those firms at Victoria Island. Actually, I wouldn’t have been able to do that, but for the encouraging words of my younger sister who was desperately looking for money to complete her project in final year. Her gracious and kind words encouraged me to move because I was already fed up with the “no vacancy” sign I see or hear everyday.

I was on my way back from where I had gone to submit my resume when I observed that there was this particular car whose owner or driver was trying to offer me a ride to wherever I was going. I wanted to play hard to get at first, then the thought of how much I could save in terms of transport fare ran through my mind, and I hopped in and he drove off. The man introduced himself as Bayo, and asked me where exactly I was heading to wearing that long face on a Monday morning. It was then I told him where I went to and how I have been trying to get a job all these while.

We got along very well, before you could say Jack Robinson, he took me to an eatery. According to him, he was already heading back home since he was already through with the presentation he went for that morning. We spent about an hour in the eatery before he suggested that I follow him to his house, which was somewhere in Ikeja. I told him that would not be necessary since he was a complete stranger to me. From the way he acted, I never thought he was going to insist that I followed him; but I was wrong because he continued to persuade me until I said yes.

Bayo lives in Ikeja GRA, and his apartment can be best described as a little paradise. He lived there with his mum who at that time was not at home according to him. He promised to help me in whatever way he can to get me a job; but of course, on one condition. He promised to help me get a job if only I could be his girlfriend. I was sceptical at first because I didn’t want to look like a cheap woman who would do anything a man asks me to; but on a second thought, I said yes because I desperately need a job.

As soon as everything was cleared up between the two of us, I became relaxed, and we exchanged information about our past lives. I noticed that Bayo was already running his fingers through my body, which made me feel uncomfortable. All my life I had never been that naive and foolish especially when it had to do with strangers; but it was a day fate made sure I learnt my lessons the hard way.

By the time I was living Bayo’s house later in the evening, we had already had sex two times. It was foolish of me to have followed a total stranger to his house all the way from Victoria Island. A lady of my age, and experience ended up sleeping with a total stranger.

The shocker is that I still don’t have a job as promised by Bayo, and he is not always at home anytime I go to his house. Bayo doesn’t even pick my calls, and it is now confirmed that I am about 2 months pregnant for a total stranger. The thing is I am not even sure if Bayo actually lives in the house.

That is the story of how I ended up warming a man’s bed within 24 hours on a day I actually went out to submit my resume.

Now that I have Bayo’s baby in my womb, how do I locate him, and how do I even convince him that he is responsible for the pregnancy? He must regard me as a cheap whore having taken me to bed on a first date.


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