He Caught Me With His Driver; So What?


Dear readers, I keep hearing it’s a man’s world everywhere I go; but that is what angers me the most. Who says a man has the right to get away with anything he does just because he was created to be the head? As far as I am concerned, no man is going to get away with cheating on me; not while I still have my breath.

My name is Bunmi, and my story is fairly straightforward and does not even require the intervention of some so-called in-laws or family members claiming to be more righteous than the pope; as if I needed someone to tell me what to do to get back at a cheating husband.

I am not the kind of woman to mourn all day or all month because I caught my husband cheating on me; I simply follow the Law of Moses. It is tit for tat; and that is the way to deal with the chauvinists of this world. I caught Jide sleeping with our housemaid, and what I regard as normal is getting back at him with his driver!

The shameless man had the guts to call a family meeting; and I wasn’t surprised to see some of his brothers pointing accusing fingers at me. One of them had the guts to call me a bitch, and another one put it “mildly” by referring to me as a slut. My mother in-law even called for a DNA test to be conducted on our two sons; can you imagine that?

The firs time I caught Jide on our housemaid, he pleaded with me not to blow it open, and I did because then I was naive. That went ahead to be a terrible mistake because I had since caught him with three different girls of lower class; and it sickens me a lot. The last time he did, I swore to have my pound of flesh, no matter what it takes.

Pay day was last Christmas Eve; and it wasn’t so difficult a task because the driver was someone who didn’t require much persuasion. It took me only three weeks to plan and execute things; and it was a great job. I gave the driver all the attention he needed including gifts, money, and even drink. Christmas period is usually a lonely period in my home because the kids normally go on holiday. The kids always spend their yuletide with their paternal grandparents or mine, and last year’s own provided me with a great opportunity to get my pound of flesh.

There is nothing better than having a willing accomplice like my husband’s driver who will stop at nothing to sleep with ‘oga’ wife. I didn’t tell him it was a set up; that was none of his business. My plan and timing were so perfect that Jide caught me and his driver right on time; having sex on the couch, and all hell was let loose!

He screamed and yelled at me, but I also did the same thing. When he saw that I wasn’t going to be intimidated by his threat; he had to send the driver out of the house and asked him never to come back. He was angry, but I was enraged because of his lack of respect, and the fact that he was acting like a saint.

As a psychologist, I used all the skills in the book to emotionally overpower him. I capitalised on his frailty, and made sure I wrecked him emotionally before finally asking him to call a family meeting.

As far as I am concerned, if he tries cheating on me again, I will also do likewise. If he sleeps with my friend, I will also sleep with his friend. It’s tit for tat.

If you are a moralist and feel like you can use this experience of mine to lash at me; then don’t even bother because you are not even qualified to take me on! I know a lot of people will read this story of mine, and like I said, don’t judge me wrongly because you stand no chance!


  1. Lol, very funny. They say it’s a man’s world, true. But that statement, I view differently. Like the yoruba adage goes “ori bibe ko ni ogun ori fifo,” it simply means ‘cutting off the head is not the remedy for a headache. Madam, your husband is a cheat and an adulterer. But does that give you the right to do the same?. Come on, there are other ways to deal with him than engaging in the same shameful act. So what makes you different from him now? You sleeping with the driver, did it change anything than you’ve had your revenge. Madam, I’m not a judge and I’m not judging you. But you did wrong. Just try and make amends between you two, unless you’ve resolved to wreck the family.


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