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Feeding Fat At The Expense Of The Masses

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Nigeria is a country of many contrast—things happen in Africa’s most populous country that baffle even the wise. In a period when some of our so called leaders ought to lay low and spend their ill-gotten wealth quietly; you see most of them bragging about how rich they are.

Where are we heading to in this nation? We have been on this strange journey for so many years, and not even the wisest of men can point to the exact direction the nation is heading to. Most economies of the world are about now going under or have already crashed. The truth about our economy is that we are not doing any better than other poor nation—just that we find it hard to tell ourselves the truth.

The country is broke, salaries are not being paid as at when due, mass sack/retrenchment everywhere, the sick dying in the hospitals, the list goes on and on; yet some of our politicians are busy enjoying their ill-gotten wealth.
How can a political leader be comfortable and happy when his people are dying of hunger and are being denied medical attention? Nigerians are truly suffering, and there seem to be no end in sight.

When next you have a prayer session; please say a word of prayer for our dear nation…

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