Could He Be Cheating On Me?


Hi everyone,

I have been going through some of the true life stories here on Iyandasdiary for a while now, and I think it’s about time I opened up on an issue that is threatening to tear my marriage apart.

I have been married to my husband for 12 years now, and never have I been this jealous. My husband and I work in the same establishment, and I am surprised that he doesn’t even see this as enough reason to avoid getting involved in office romance.

For two or three years now, Ladi’s body movements have been nothing but indications that he is flirting with a colleague of ours. The thing is why do I keep having this strange feeling that my husband is having an affair with this woman? I don’t even know how to go about this because Ladi’s attitude towards me has not changed that much. He still comes home early, but the problem is they are always alone in the office even when they are not supposed to.

More annoying is the fact that the woman in question now seems to go about the office environment showing signs that something is indeed going on between the two of them. She is making it seems pretty obvious that something is going on, and my husband is not even helping matters because he is neither denying nor calling her to order. All he keeps saying is that: “there is nothing to deny since nothing is happening between us.” This is kind of frustrating because I work in a department different from that of my husband who works in the same  department with the lady in question.

Since we can’t argue in the office for fear of being queried or fired, I never fail to take him on at home all the time. We argue and fight over the issue all the time; and Ladi keeps standing his ground that nothing is actually happening between them.

To make matters worse, we no longer have sex because he seems to be uninterested. Ladi does not eat regularly at home, and seems to enjoy the company of one of his friends who lives down the street.

I feel terrible because I don’t know what to do. Ladi knows that I am not convinced with his answers. It’s not like I want him to quit his job or ask for a transfer, but I just want him to put a stop to all the rumours circulating.

Last month I became so desperate that I had to visit a colleague who works in the Human Resources Department to find out if the woman in question can be transferred out of town. I wasn’t happy with the answer I got from my colleague because she said the company doesn’t have any plan to effect any transfer at the moment; even though she also agrees with me that something suspicious is going on between my husband and the woman in question.

Could they be having an affair? Could my husband be saying the truth? I do trust my husband quite alright; but I don’t trust the other woman. A woman who is unmarried, and lives all alone in a tastefully furnished apartment in a reserved area couldn’t be trusted. I am desperate to find out the truth in a most legitimate way; but I am also afraid that my nagging might eventually drive my husband into the arms of another woman.

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