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Dear God:Thank you!

2 Mins read

Dear God,

Its Iyanda here again ,to say thank you God.It seems like it was not long ago when we began 2013 and now we are at the end and another year is about to begin. I have been reminded this year that You are  the Alpha and Omega of my faith even though I still fail you in showing  my appreciation .I do hope you see through my heart Lord as I cry unto you once again.

It has not been such a dramatic year or me,  but there have been many challenges and blessings .Daddy, you have been there to guide me  one way or another even though I thought I did it myself.But all the glory is yours Almighty Father.

Thank you Lord for the little and big  milestones that has happened in my life.It was a another year of learning and growing up  to move closer to furfilling my true purpose in life for which I was created .I know I could have done it differently but with your grace, I look foward to the new year filled with hope, faith,believe and knowing you will be by my side all the way through the new year and other years to come

God,I thank you for all the  small miracles that comprised the bigger miracle in my life. The miracle of finding, knowing and loving myself more. I was lost  most times but you never gave up on me.Your love was unfailing, unchanging. It was steadfast…a solid bright light that got me through the dark times.How I have basked in that pure light of  your love; received comfort when my heart was pierced with pain.

Dear Father, I know I am so far from being perfect as you want me to be, but I am  and will forever be grateful for never judging me , for always forgiving me of all my sins  and for being so understanding even when I do wrong.My heart can’t express how thankful I am.

For every new beginning You know the end.”Thank You Lord I may not know the end but it will be OK, as long as You walk and talk with me along life’s narrow way during up and down times.”

Yes Father, Yes, I am excited, expecting  new things  you have  in store for me in 2014  but I live with the believe , hope and faith that it will all be according to your wishes.

Thank you for the gift of life, for having a wonderful family, friends and people who have been there for me one way or another and everyone who I have come in contact with.You will all be truly blessed in the new year.

Your Prodigal Son




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