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A taste of Friendship

6 Mins read

A taste of friendship
Friendship is a good taste of two loving people compartable, helping and being there for each other all the times. .AGAINST ALL odds thrives to be there for each other. There is this popular saying that a friend knows someones pains. But what if your friend is the cause of your pain. The way we are programmed, the universe have made us just learn how to accommodate one another and we always have a favorite person but life experiences have taught us to be independent or most times stay away from from some particular group f people with a particular character.making us have trust issues and we cant share some thing about us and personal life with some people.have had a taste of friendship. Sometimes it is very sour but we cant do without them right?
Earlier this year before the whole pandemic thing started , a lady by the name Tope called her long time friend Taiwo that stays in Lagos that she needed a job she can use to hold her self. Complain that since she has being at home after NYSC , she hasn’t gotten any thing to do just wasting at home. Taiwo promised that she will be on the look out for her. After two weeks,Taiwo couldn’t get one for her. She is always busy with her business and the one she got her always very close for Tope to prepare or attend. After much thought, Taiwo advised Tope to come stay with her pending the time she gets a job and get her own place. It will even give her room to get her dream job.
It was a Nice idea for Tope as the major problem she was having before was accommodation.she didn’t at first want to force the idea on her Friend despite the fact thy were roommate from university days.. so Tope moved in with Taiwo in her two bedroom apartment at Ajah pert of fate could have it, Tope couldn’t secure a job three weeks after. So Taiwo suggested instead for her to be staying at home, she should come and work along side with her in her salon and cosmetics shop. She remembered vividly that Tope could actually make hair quiet well back then in school . Taiwo promised to be paying her friend 40k every month for a start.and when the business grows, she is going to increase the payment. But she will be taking care of her friends expenses and food too. Tope saw it as a fair opportunity, so she grasped it. They were working together all through February till the covid 19 was very serious .
During the pandemic, and the subsequent lock down that followed , Tope noticed her friend was always receiving alerts from a guy and the strange man usually call her as well, they do talk for hours . this made Tope very inquisitive . she asked her friend about the guy and Taiwo told her she met a guy on Facebook late November last year . he lives In Canada and since the guy came into her life, everything has changed . he was even the one that opened her salon for her and furnished it. He has also done several other things she couldn’t even mention. He is Gods sent even though they haven’t seen each other one on one due to the distance between them. Tope asked if they were dating .Taiwo said
he hadn’t proposed yet to be honest , but all indications shows he is interested In her.

Tope asked her where she planned to put her boy friend ,Andre who she had been dating since service yea rand who had come there couple of time since moved in with her, Taiwo said her relationship has been full with up and downs , she explained further that she sees Andre now as a stranger. He has really changed :he hardly cares like he use to do, he asked her for money with one excuse that he will pay back which he never does .when she confronts him, he is always angry about alot of things.he doesn’t even call or check on her until she does. She is really tired . Tope made her realized that she cant just leave her boyfriend for the guy in Canada.

You cant just possibly leave your man now , why you are not sure this Canada guy will marry
You. You and Andre has come along way . A devil you know is better then the angel you don’t know
Taiwo agreed and was planning to make her relationship work with Andre.but still keeps the Canada guy later on, Taiwo started introducing Tope to the guy in Canada , they talk to each other through Taiwo phone .they talk through video calls and the likes any time he calls .
Then a time cane , the guy stopped calling. Taiwo reaching out , he doesn’t pick her calls and when she persisted ,she got blocked on all his social media platforms .She couldn’t reach him at all. She thought of anything she might have done wrong to make him behave that way. She tried checking their chats to know where she is faulty but she doesn’t seems to get it. infact their last conversation was kinda positive .He had promised to come to Lagos when ever the lock down was eased and was planning to see her and her family , Taiwo was just surprise at what is going on and always lost in thought . she became extremely saddened , depressed and sober for days , Tope was there for her throughout all these times , telling her maybe she and the guy wasn’t met for each other. What will be , will be . it was a trying time for Taiwo. But she lived to accept her fate since there are nothing she could do. There wasn’t even any means of reaching him. She even tired using a new sim to reach the guy with a new sim to reach the guy. Sent him a text message to tell her at least what she did wrong . he blocked her again. Then it became clear he had made up his mind so she moved on.
, Taiwo broke up with her long time boyfriend Andre after one serous fight they had. Tope moved to an estate in Lekki saying she got got a job there .Taiwo was cool and they always spend time each other places every week weekend, Taiwo visited her friend in her apartment at lekki. Tope offered to help her prepare something for her to eat. Living her phone in he sitting room with Taiwo. A video call notification beep pooped up on Tope phone. She was about to go give her the phone when she notice the display pics of the person looks familiar. It was that of the guy in Canada. She waited for the call to disconnect before opening her friends chat. She opened her phone and went through her friends chat with the Canada guy. It was here she discovered how Tope had turned the guy against her, telling him about her ex Andre and how they make sex every time .She told the boy how Taiwo aborted for a guy back then in school, how Taiwo make jest of the boy as a fool that she will eat his money and nothing serious with him. It was from the chat Taiwo realized that it was the guy that rented the apartment for Tope .Taiwo was angry and disappointed at the same time . so there was no job all was a big lie so that she wouldn’t suspect her.

She was with the phone when Tope walked in with the food when she notice the countenance on Taiwo face .She was inquisitive at the same time , asking Taiwo what was wrong .Taiwo was just there staring and thinking if she should just jump and beat her to coma . she felt betrayed, angry and speechless at the same time.All that came out of her mouth was
Why?why? Tope what did I do to you to deserve all this what?!
At first, Tope didn’t know what she was talking about until she collected her phone and saw the chat. She quickly added
I can explain… repeatedly with no concrete thing to say than
I swear it was him that asked me to tell him everything about you. I just went off ,
I know I shouldn’t but I did . I’m so sorry I don’t know what came over me and what was running through my head at that moment

Taiwo left with out saying a word her body became so feeble so much that she thought she was not going t make it that day. It was only God that knew how she got home safely

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