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Lustful Desire

4 Mins read

Who said you cant find love any where? well i did . Last year i was posted to my nysc orientation camp. i’m not the guy that falls in love on a first sight. i like knowing my women well before i start anything serious with them but here i am tripping and planning to work the aisle with the lady i meet just three weeks of orientation camp. This is my real story, which started from lust but ended in love.

I met a girl during my three weeks orientation camp for Nysc. On my first day at camp, when she entered the registration hall, all were glued on her as she was looking so hot and sensual.i was one of the late campers to arrive camp and was trying to get things done easily. at first, i was reluctant to come to camp but it was a call to serve i couldn’t just say no to. My friends do give me gist about coming to camp and sleeping with different girls and i was on a mission to try some out . since i know am a very good looking lad most girls cant resist.i couldn’t talk to her that day because we were very busy with moving in and always busy with parade all the time. I Was always looking out for her maybe one day i get to see her and talk to her.but i never did i was losing hoping until i met her a lunch break.During the lunch break I get to know that she is associated with one of our camp official who we are all scared of but this gave me reason to talk with her more. though my fellow campers warned me about it but i wasn’t ready to bulge.During One of our talks, I told her that she is really looking very sexy for which she replied that she knows that. This gave me more confidence to talk to here more and we were getting really use to each other. she always looks for me and keeps sit for me on every gathering.After our three weeks in orientation camp, we were posted to different PpA . So we planned to meet in the capital city to chill after settling things with nysc placement.We both went to the nearby pub where we had also taken some drinks. when we going home,I asked her if she would like to spend some more time with me in my room. She gave me a naughty smile and entered my room. After a couple of minute, as I was already excited, I kissed her and she reciprocated with the same. After this, i grabbed her in my arms, smooching her navel, boobs, thighs and above her pussy. All these things aroused her and she started to pull me over her. Immediately I removed my clothes and removed her dress. Just in bra and pants, OMG!!! she was looking a sex diva, …
Such a horny girl was on my bed in bare bra and pants, waiting to be fucked wildly so without wasting a second I smooched her pussy and removed her pants n bra also. Her pussy was smelling hell exotic. I started sucking her pussy which made her to beg me for a hard fuck. I asked her to give me oral pleasure, initially she felt uneasy but after mins of forced suck, she started to suck my cock like a professional porn star. i was really on cloud 9… after 5- 6 minutes of oral fuck, I opened her legs and inserted my whole cock inside her very smooth, full of juices but tight pussy. that pleasure of entering her…. It is still incompatible to any other such pleasure…
When i entered her, she experienced a lot of pain and to my surprise, i noticed bleeding from her pussy confirming that she was virgin!!… this made me much more excited and made my rock hard dick more enlarged, the blood veins become visible and I felt that my hardness is in bearable to myself also. I fucked her like a real hunk for more than 20 mins non-stop in missionary style, crushing her smooth white body under influence of utter lust. Her boobs, white milky thighs, her navel area, her butts… I exploited each n every body part of her for my sexual pleasure and then when she started to enjoy the act, i took her in doggy style.
After 10 min of hard doggy fuck session, I ejaculated all my cum inside her… this feeling of filling her with my cum was so horny… after that we took rest for 1 hr and during that i asked her that why she was virgin till now..she replied that she had a bf but they both used to b involved in digital sex only because her bf had never made her wet by sucking her pussy like what i has done…
After that we had 3 more exotic hard sexual sessions and later on during 2nd day also, before checking out of hotel, we spend 2 hrs together and fucked 2 times. After that for complete one month, i used to meet her after office. I always arranged a room after working hours for us to meet before going to our homes. we used to have sex daily in that room for the whole month.
But in the last week of that month, i noticed that she was trying to be around me and i also. when i see her talking or playing with some other guys am always angry. want it to be me and me alone. i even got into a fight with another guy because of her. had to warn the nigga to stay off her or e will see my red eyes.After going home and thinking about the days incident, i realized i was falling in love with her. Didnt want to show it until am sure she was feeling the same way. i fixed our next meeting in a place that we can chill and talk. i asked her if she likes me she said yes and want to do some crazy things with me.When I asked her why she want to do such thing , she told me that she dont know but she feels happy and secure when i am around her.While she was saying this to me, suddenly I realized that I too like her presence around. so we started dating.I cant lie to you,this is the best relationship have being in so far. immediately after my service i told my dad i want to get married . My parents were shocked at first after much persuasion and convincing i had their blessing. On the first of June 2019, i propose to the love of my life and know we planning how to leave and start up a family.

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