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15 Ways To Get Him Committed-Part 1

2 Mins read

If getting a man committed is why you are here (of course, that is the dream of many ladies), then today might just be your lucky day. The truth about relationship is that no one wants to be left in a limbo. This is particularly so if you are set to make the step up from casual dating to settling down. In this first of three series on “15 ways to make him committed,” we shall consider tips on how to achieve your dream.

  1. Get To Know Him

Get to know your man from the first day of going out on a date with him. Observe the way he talks, the way he reacts to certain subjects, and find out how he responds or acts to certain subjects; especially when he is in the right mood. This gives you the idea of when and how to approach him with such an issue. However, if he portrays the character of someone who doesn’t like being pushed to do something, then you might have a big mountain to climb. Nonetheless, every man has his right chord, and you can still find out how to do it just by getting to know him.

  1. Share A Strong Bond

When a woman shares a strong bond with the man she intends to get married with, it gives the man a sense of conviction. He will be convinced that you are emotionally connected to him over certain matters. However, do not fake over enjoying something you have little or no interest in—be natural about the way you relate with him.

  1. Trust Is Key

No relationship can last the distance if there is no trust between couples. You have to consider whether or not the guy is worthy of your trust. You might want to walk the walk if he is the type that flirts or fails to keep appointments without convincing reasons. However, if he is the type who has proven himself over and over again, then he is probably worth fighting for. Of course, he needs to know if you are dependable too; so it is up to you to convince him by keeping to your words.

  1. Be Straightforward

Guys are smart, and have a passion for prying into hidden things. So it is important to let him know what you are looking for. Don’t shove everything under the carpet. Of course, I am not saying you should let him into all your dirty secrets; but be straightforward about certain questions he asks you.

  1. Don’t Hand In An Ultimatum

Men don’t like being bossed and told what to do; so don’t go about handing in an ultimatum. He won’t only view such an attitude as immature, but he will start feeling that you are trying to force his hand. Of course, waiting on a guy to pop the big question can be frustrating sometimes; but you don’t want to scupper your chances of getting him to commit.

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