Would You Allow Your Child To Marry From Another Tribe?


Would you allow your child to marry from another tribe?

I do understand times are changing and our generation is gradually getting there. That we can’t actually deny the fact that some people out there are still holding onto this value so high.

In a system where tribalism and nepotism have eaten deep into our fabric, no be small thing for okoro (a way of describing an Ibo man) to marry ofe nmanu (a way of describing a Yoruba man). Of course, times have changed and civilization seems to have caught up with us; but these things run deep in our system.

There is nothing wrong with it, because it’s even not fair to deny your child the joy of living with the person he/she truly loves. Do you think the problem we have, is based on how and what society would say and how our kinsmen would react to inter tribal marriages? The fact that our parents are against it, does it make it right not to marry from another tribe?

We still hear from friends, how parents still stop their kids from marrying out of their tribe. Would you blame such a parent? All he had embedded in his sibling(s) was to follow their culture and tradition. So how best would you advice the person who is in such a relationship to go about it?

This personally happened to me when a girl I truly liked said it to my face “oga iyanda, don’t bother, our relationship can’t go anywhere because my parents would never allow me to marry outside my tribe”. Even though she has travelled abroad and gone places before, but I felt she just didn’t want to disappoint her parents by marrying outside her tribe or maybe I wasn’t her dream man. What is your vivid opinion about inter-tribal marriage? Would you disobey your parents and go ahead to marry the love of your life? Would you rather remain unhappy not marrying your heart desire just to please your parents?


  1. i don’t see any big deal in allowing my son/daughter to marry from another tribe. there are things that are needed to be forgone and eradicate in our country (Nigeria). if a yoruba man wants to get married to an ibo girl, its become mystery or something strange, for the fact they both love each other and have come to an agreement, i don’t see any big deal in that.


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