Would You Really Be Ok If Your Child Tells You He Is Gay?


Firstly, I appreciate the expression of shock on your face right now. It practically demonstrates what the term “gay” personally means to you. A large percentage of parents reading this article right now may have never given this question a thought because to them, this just “cannot happen”. But in reality, the truth stares us all in the face. It just seems that with each passing year, the clamor for the forbidden becomes stronger. There used to be a time when if someone mentions that a person is homosexual, the information is greeted with disgust and disappointment. Well… those days are gone.

I hear this all the time and it’s become a major issue with children of this generation. People see someone who is gay and the first thing I hear is, if he is my child, I will disown him. Some other would say it can never happen to me, and others might just quietly say they don’t have a choice but to accept .

From the opinions I garnered from friends and strangers, It is normal for a parent to feel suicidal at such an unexpected turn in the life of his darling child whom he has invested so much in, but also, is it not important to maintain the flow of love for the child? Disowning a child as some parents may be tempted to do; do you think it may produce the desired effect?

Some blame it on western culture; even some are of the opinion that same-sex secondary schools necessitate the transformation of a child into a same-sex lover. You know as the saying goes “when the desirable is unavailable, the available becomes desirable.”

In spite of all this, do you think that with a good measure of love and understanding, proper counseling and strong faith, the child can gradual “unlearn” his forbidden habits and hopefully change? Or better still will you be ok with it as long as the child is happy which is the most important thing to you as a parent?



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