Who Should I Choose



Dear readers,

I don’t know whether to move on with my new life or return to my past  . Two roads lie ahead of me. I can’t take the two roads at a time and I can’t decide which one not to take. They are so similar and dont know what to do.

I’m a young guy who is full of life. I’ve always believed in having a single relationship all my life.I was even called  “lover boy”.because i truly believe in dating one girl at a time.

When I met my girlfriend, she was a Jambite looking for admission. Then, I was in my final year. She used to be very innocent and disciplined. I loved her so much and I could tell she loved me to.

By the time I graduated, she gained admission so we didn’t pass through school life together. But, no weekend passed by without seeing each other. Even while I had no job, I still found  means of getting money to visit her in school. She was the love of my life.

One day, I had an accident along Ketu- Ikorodu road. A young girl who probably was not in her right state of mind drove to the extreme side of the road and hit me.When i woke up I found myself in the hospital and from the corner of my eyes, I saw her crying beside me and Iguessed she was the one who hit me with her car.She looked relieved when I opened my eyes and told her not to cry anymore.

She kept apologizing  and told my she was lost in thoughts when the accident happened.I was very upset but i just had to forgive her when i saw how sweet and innocent she looked .  She was there  with me throughout my stay at the hospital.

Even though I was in so much pain and I just discovered my leg was broken ,the  person i really wanted to hear from was my girlfriend and i tried her couple of times,sent her text messages , telling her about the accident. But, to my surprise, she didn’t get back to me.

Later on, i noticed the phone had been switched off and I made efforts to send some friends and family members to check her out in sch ool but to my utmost suprise it was like she dissappeared into thin air.Thoughts flooded my mind, I kept on worrying, thinking maybe i did something bad or where i went wrong in the relationship for her not to want to call me or hear from me again.I was heart broken i knew i had  to just focus on getting better.

When I was leaving the hospital after some months, the girl who hit me was the one who drove me home.We got to know each other better during my stay at the hospital and her parents also visited me. She requested to come and visit me from time to time at home  to know how i was coping . I agreed to her request so we became very good  friends and saw  each other  almost on a daily basis.

I tried my girlfriend’s number for a while and really tried my best in locating her .I finally gave up  and before I knew what was happening I discovered I had strong feelings  for Tare and thats how we  started a relationship .She’s from a good  home but also very humble and so caring .What tripped me most about her was how simple and loving.

I found out that she had all I wanted in a woman. Her characters were not different from my former girlfriend’s own.We were fine together and I just forgot about my old relationship.I eventually built my world around Tare and it was fine with me.

Soon after, I heard news that my ex had been ill and  was taken to her village for treaments .Thinking back now ,I realised it was almost  the time  I had  my accident. When I heard the news, I wasn’t myself again so; I quickly went to her school to make enquiry from the informant.

I rushed to her village some days later. I was shocked and couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw my ex.I really felt sorry for her. I instantly blamed myself for not  trying hard enough to locate her .I just assumed she had found somebody else and was avoiding me or maybe travelled out or something but i never occured to me that she could be in such a terrible state of health.

When I saw her, I asked her why she didn’t pick my calls or didnt try to get in touch for months and she explained that she has been in such a terrible state for a long time and even the shame of her been  bed ridden made her to stay away from everyone .I told her my own ordeal and we just started crying.

I didn’t like the condition I met her. I wanted to stay by her side till she recovers fully but, the thought of Tare won’t let me. I also want to hasten up and go and see that lovely girl again.

I thought much about whom I love more but, I can’t just come to a reasonable conclusion. I’m with my ex now and the thought of Tare won’t set me free. She’s been calling severally but, I can’t pick her calls. I don’t know what to do.




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