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No one denies that parents are obligated to take care of their children. At a minimum, it’s a matter of law. But there is less clarity surrounding the question of whether children are obligated to care for their parents. One viral post touched on the subject, raising questions about what children owe to their parents .

It would seem that at the root of familial breakdown is a lost sense of obligation: husbands and wives to each other, parents to their children, and children to their parents. A culture steeped in radical individualism has given people license to abandon their most fundamental obligations to their primary communities: their families.

YES, kids should pay back the parents – not just with money, but by taking care of them. This is not just a moral/ethical opinion but one that has a good economic basis too. … The best way to pay back your parents is by raising children yourself and doing as good a job as you are capable.
Of course children owe their parents honor and respect . Otherwise they are just one-way consumers and never have any sense of needing to give back to those who generously, sacrificially, gave to them. Which you won’t understand until you’re the parent.

Unless they abandon you in an orphanage. Then you owe nothing back…even if.

Here I am thinking that if I ever “made it” I would buy my parents a house.

The only thing you owe your parents is to be successful and take care of them, work towards it !!! Stay clean!, the bottom line for me is that we owe our parents 100% honor. They weren’t perfect, none of us are… But, we should make them proud no matter the situation they’re in. I’ll break this in due time. I’m very passionate about this subject matter just as I’ve noticed how strong most of us hold this issue.

Family is important.. our youth do not need anymore of these kind of skewed information… This is totally off.. if we can’t build good values on them.. let’s not help destroy the little they have retained.. even the craziest somehow love their parents.. but if we encourage the gap this kind of article is creating.. there will be more unstable minds out there!
You owe them Honour. What that means to you is personal to you and that’s between you and your God.

I actually believe any child brought up with love and everything that a child needs to become someone will never think along this line,”” That we don’t owe our parents anything””
The thing is the reality on ground shows some parents bring kids into the world and that is where it ends,the true definition of what a parent is ends as soon the child is born,these are such kids,and we have them who know nothing about love,care and responsibilities each parent must give a child,so to them yes they were brought into the world but having to survive on their own without help and love definitely means they owe nothing to these birth parents plus some are just simply made naturally self centred and care only for themselves and when they also bring kids into the world they do the same and the circle continues it’s sad but a reality,however like I said a child that was brought into the world because of love,was also brought up with love and care up to the time the child goes off on his own to start a family with this knowledge of how a family should be will never will never say such,after all all cultures,and religions preach honour thy parents and if parents do not do what they are supposed to do you give room for such,however some kids still remember to do the right thing.
You owe your parents everything even when they have money.

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