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Unanswered Questions


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God! every time I go on tiktok, Instagram, Snapchat, all I see is stuff like “real women support each other” or “men suck, women rock” “girls support girls”. How am I supposed to stand behind that sort of thing when I’ve only ever been torn down by other women? SUPPORT GOOD PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY’RE GOOD, NOT BECAUSE THEY’RE A CERTAIN GENDER!!!!!

Honestly, I think part of the whole culture of women building each other up and encouraging other women to do the same is a direct response to the culture of women tearing each other down.
It’s less about supporting them because they are women and more about not judging someone based on their gender with toxic hate. I think this is really prevalent with the “not like other girls” and “pick me ! pick me” types where they are centered around standing out by putting others around them down.

Yeah, this is why people have problems with feminists; we shouldn’t be supporting women more than men, and we shouldn’t withhold criticism just because they’re women. I’m a female and this shit drives me crazy. Some people just suck, no matter their gender, race, religion, sexual orientation etc.

I think “girls support girls” is a phrase against the behaviour of some girls putting down other girls for being “ugly,fat,slut” etc. Because of the pressure of the society most girls want to be validated and “beatiful” and sometimes girls can be hurtful to others to feel more powerful. So all the we are stronger TOGETHER and girls support girls things are meaningful if used for a good cause.

The point is to try and destroy the internalised sexism that young women feel in competition with each other.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone just accepted themselves as individuals. Everyone’s own problems will always be their own personal priority, regardless of their importance in the bigger scale of things.

Acting as if the sexes are in competition with each other is childish and dumb (but considering what I see in Tiktok, Insta and Snapchat, it is childish and dumb). When it comes to fundamentals of being human, the biological differences have forced us to work together to prosper as a species.

If we took away all the modern comforts and safety net. It would be blatantly obvious that we’d need to work together, not against each other.

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