Violated At 16-Now She Is Back To Hunt Me!


Violated At 16-Now She Is Back To Hunt Me!

Dear Readers,

Now I know there are certain things you do as a youth that will never stop hunting you. Dear readers, this story I am about to share with you happened to me. The truth is there are certain stories I read online that I struggle to believe. However, what I am about to share with you goes to show that strange things do happen everyday in this country and in other places across the world.

My name is Mofe; and I grew up in an environment where boys and girls lived their lives as if they didn’t care. I was raised in an environment where no one cared how you survived. It was an environment where so many mothers below 17 years lived. Children who didn’t get a chance to know their parents walked and roamed about the streets everyday; and no week passed without a case of rape or street fights taking place.

I was a part of a terrible group of boys who derived pleasure in having sex with girls without their consent. We did these things because they gave us bragging rights. We always bragged about how we have been able to lay any new girl that turns up in the neighbourhood. I enjoyed those days while it lasted; but little did I know I was sowing terrible seeds into my future.

To cut the story short and spare you the details of those things that might not do you any good in the end; I was forcefully taken out of that environment by my parents, and was bundled to Ibadan where my Uncle lives. This was to be the beginning of my transformation; a transformation that has so much changed me into a more responsible person in the society.

I am now a graduate, and fully employed in one of the government ministries. My past is gone or so I thought; until I came across this girl whose face I couldn’t immediately recognise or remember while boarding a bus to work one Monday morning. She called my name, and asked if I didn’t recognize her. Of course, I didn’t recognize her until she mentioned the place we had met.

Of course, I remember the good old neighbourhood where I grew up, but not the face of this stranger. Strange things started happening after that encounter with Monisola (the name of the girl from my neighbourhood). I see her almost everyday on my way to work, in my dream, and virtually everywhere I go; she has suddenly become my shadow.

She hunts me in real life, and has never stopped hunting me in my sleep as well. I asked a few friends I grew up with if they knew who she was back then in the neighbourhood; but no one seems to have an answer. Who could she be?

Eventually the cat was let out of the bag when Moji who also grew up in the same neighbourhood as I did, and who also lives in Ibadan bailed me out of my misery by telling me who Monisola actually is. She is the daughter of a widow who had moved into the neighbourhood. According to Moji, Monisola was raped the very week she and her mother moved into the neighbourhood. She was raped by a group of guys on the even of Christmas, and the pain caused her family a lot of pain then.

It was after Moji’s story that my memory flashed back to that incident. I was actually among a set of boys that violated that young sixteen year old girl.

Memories of that incident won’t just go away since Moji told me; and Monisola just won’t stop appearing in my sleep. Strangely too, I have not been able to set my eyes on her since the very day Moji revealed the whole mystery surrounding her identity is.

Long lists of terrible things have been happening to me since that revelation by Moji. I no longer have a job, my upcoming wedding cancelled by my fiancé for no particular reason, and I to cap it all; I have been diagnosed of a strange disease.

Though, I am not trying to give excuses for my actions; but whatever I did in the past were done in ignorance and based on youthful exuberance.

I need advice from everyone out there; what exactly should I do?




  1. You owe her an apology and you owe her that karma. Accept that you deserve it and these are ur consequences. It’s haunting you because you are allowing it. Go with the flow. Converse with her. Try and befriend her. There is a reason she found you.

  2. Well, the deed has been done. Try as much as possible to find her and beg for forgiveness. If u can’t find her, fast and pray to God for forgiveness. Better still, go for deliverance. I think it a lesson to be learned. Nothing we do on earth that doesn’t have repercussion. Let’s be careful in our dealings.


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