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There’s A Thin Line Between Happiness and Sadness

1 Mins read

happi n sadIt takes just one unfortunate incident, and the whole atmosphere can change from happy to sad.

A family going on a trip to Obudu Cattle Ranch, shortly touched down at the airport, all happy and eagerly waiting to get to the much talked about cattle Ranch.

They hired a taxi from the airport and began the journey to the ranch. The car was filled with smiles chats, and there was plenty to eat and drink.

After a six and the half hour drive as the journey was coming to an end, tragedy struck; as they were about to take the turn that leads to the ranch, the on coming trailer lost its brakes and in a bid to minimize the damage, headed straight for the bend, and … the family of four that had been all joyful and set to have the best time of their lives were wiped out in a short moment …

Enjoy every moment and phase of life you go through, be it positive or negative, because you don’t know what comes next …

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