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Thank You God For Another Year.I Am Truly Blessed.

2 Mins read

Thank you God,

For making me see another year.

For the gift of life; I’m more than ย grateful for all the blessings that you have given me.

For protecting me and preserving my life to see this day and all the wonders youโ€™ve done in my Life and you are yet to do.

For blessing me indeed, without you I am NOTHING but with you I have everything I’ll ever need. I love you father, God, please make me a better person as I continue to add more years on this earth; I ask You for faith to see You in everything and everybody; hope, that I may not dismay; and ย to love You and others more each day. Strengthen and provide for me so that I’ll be able to give more to the needy.

Thank you for all the experience of the past years

For times of success; for which all glory will forever return to You,

For times of failure; which reminded me of my own weakness and absolute dependence on You

For times of joy which reassures me of your ever abiding presence

for times of sadness which drove me closer to you as my only True Friend

ย Forgive me for the hours I wasted, the chances I failed to take,

and the opportunities I missed in the past years.

Today I reaffirm that You are my Creator and Sustainer

In you I live and move and have my being

ย May my life, from now on, be a sign of my gratefulness. May you continue to guide me and May I continue to thank you for all that you have done and all that you continue to do for me, You brought love, hope and great changes into my life. You wrap me and all that is me in your hands, love, protection and provided in every way that is possible and beyond.

Give me patience and humility, give me Lord what is good for me which You alone know. That my heart may be alert, my ears be attentive, my hands and mind active, and that I always may be ready to do Your Holy Will with Your grace. Lord! Pour out Your grace and blessings upon all and my beloved ones.

Lord according to your words, I am blessed, I am strengthened, I am transformed, I recieve wisdom and grace to deal excellently in all my endeavours today and all the days of my life.I live triumphantly, victoriously and in prosperity in Jesus name.

I ask you God, for guidance and directions for me to live a good, successful and fulfilled life today and for the rest of my life .

I commit this birthday to You

May I honour You more than ever on this special day and each day of my life

I want to know You more, take ‘time out’ to be with You more and love You more.

Dear Lord,help me in the days ahead to make this the best year so far,

and through and through, to glorify Your Holy Name,for the rest of my life.



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