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Unanswered Questions

Should Parents Pressure Their Daughters Into Marriage?

1 Mins read

Marriage is a long-term contract or agreement between a man and a woman who ‘perfectly’ understand and desire to live together for the rest of their lives. It is a commitment borne out of a ‘genuine desire to remain one and also build a family. Nigerians view marriage as the ultimate; the crown that seals all achievements in life. This means if you are not married at a certain age, especially as a woman; you have got a lot of pressures coming your way from family and friends.

Ladies in particular are more affected with the pressure that comes from parents when it comes to settling down. While a man may come with all kinds of excuses including not being ready or not being able to find the right partner; the lady is not allowed to tender such excuses. She is encouraged or pressured into saying yes to virtually ‘any’ man that comes her way. She is told to find a man or one would be found for her. She is told all kinds of tales and stories about the dangers of late marriage and how all or most of her friends have already settled down or have babies.

So should parents force or pressure their daughters into marriage?

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