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No Plan Is Worth The Paper It Is Printed On Unless It Starts You Doing Something

1 Mins read

“No plan is worth the paper it is printed on unless it starts you doing something”

Oh, how much we love writing! Waking up, having a mental picture of how the day should go, making a to-do list, and even pasting it on our walls to act as reminders! But really, how many of us religiously work with it?

Sure, making plans is easy; remember “talk is cheap!” But then, it gets to that point when you have to act on it, and what happens, you suddenly loose interest or simply postpone it to a time that never surfaces.

So what was the point in writing it down if you wouldn’t do it! Nike says it all: “Just do it”

Just start, don’t be scared, you might make mistakes along the line but you will surely learn and get better by the day .

I can’t remember exactly when the ideas came to my head to start writing, it must have been years ago but I just knew I had to go to work with my plans, and so here am I!

Plan hard, but please, take the next step … DO!

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