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My Husband Is A Sex Freak

3 Mins read

My Husband Is  A Sex Freak

Dear ID readers,

I’m going through a hell of time in my home and I think it’s about time to cry to the whole world. I’ve been suffering in silent and I can’t bear it any longer.

I and my husband dated for a long time before we got married. I’m eight years younger than him so we hardly pick up fights during our courtship due to the respect I had for him. He treated me like his younger sister and I also treated him like my elder brother.

We never had sex during our courtship. Not even for once. But, we maximally explored the romantic world. Sex was the only thing we didn’t have. I made him vow not to have it with me before we married. At first, he didn’t concur. He insisted that he can’t date a girl without having sex with her. I wasn’t comfortable with that so I laid him off.

He refused to go and demanded for explanation on the reason why I made that choice. So I told him it was our tradition that anyone who disvirgins us will marry us. If he wanted to do it anyway, he should marry me first. So he left.

After some time, he came back ant told me he has agreed. I told him to promise me never to have sex with another girl outside our relationship. He also made me promise to be romantically active. He said if I don’t, he’d walk away and never come back to me. I didn’t want him to go because it’s rear to see a guy who would agree to such terms. So I promised.

Throughout the time we dated, he never for once made attempt to break his promise. I also fulfilled my side of the bargain. Whenever he needed to ease off, I was there for him. We had a fantastic dating period and I can hardly forget those moments we had together.

The time came and we got married. We had our honeymoon and I gave him my reserved flower with joy. It was the first time I experienced it in my life. It was more fantastic than painful because he was careful as not to hurt me. I was happy and fulfilled and hoped to get more of it from my husband. But, I really got more than I expected. Alas! It was the first and last time I enjoyed sex in our marriage.

My husband suddenly turned into a beast. He immediately turned our former food meal into sex meal. Sex became the only thing we do frequently in the house. If I don’t feel like it, my husband would force me and if I don’t comply, he would hit me.

My husband leaves his work place to come home to have sex sometimes  before closing hour. Each of the time, he comes home to descend on me. Even when I’m sore from the previous one, he won’t mind. I cry and bleed every time we have sex because he does it too often. He’s so much older than me so he had power chances over me if i want to fight back.

I called him one day and pleaded with him concerning the issue. I told him to please be considerate. He bluntly said no. he said as long as I’m his wife, he has the right to sex me anytime he feels like. He said he was making up for all those times that I deprived him from having sex. He said he kept his potency safe all because of me and so he had to make up for those inactive years.

I couldn’t complain further because I also know what he had to forsake because of me. But, instead of his malady to reduce, it kept on increasing. Due to too much harsh sex i believe , I’d lost two pregnancies. The doctor advised him not to have sex with me at the early stage of marriage but, he wouldn’t listen.

I am really frustrated. If I opt for a divorce now,where do i start from.

Dear ID readers, please, come to my rescue.



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