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Passengers Turned Against Mobile Pastor

2 Mins read

Passengers Turned Against Mobile  Pastor

Several times, I often think about how these people who preach in the bus finds it convenient to inconvenient people who board the same bus with them. If you are still part of people who board public buses, pray hard to God to deliver you from it because I know the pain we go through every day. The way these so called preachers menace passengers in the bus is alarming.

Honestly, I can’t imagine coping with the driver and conductor’s nuisance and still having to tolerate additional noise from preachers. It is so annoying that this is done without considering the passengers especially people sitting close to them. People often find it difficult to complain because of the words of God which is involved and therefore, suffer in silence. I personally love God and would not like to offend him but, you can’t abuse my peace because of that.

It is so despicable that most of these preachers cannot even speak English correctly. They end up purging out the wrong scripture from their mouths. Yet, they expect people to listen to the nonsense they speak. They even tend to shout at the top of their voices thereby, spraying the passengers with concentrated saliva coming from their mouths.

It reminds me of my experience in the public bus one day. There was a preacher sitting at the back sit of the bus. No one knew who he was until he called for audience. He said “praise the lord”, and some of the passengers replied with a grudging “halleluiah”. And so the mobile pastor commenced his preaching. Trust me; his voice overpowered the nearby noises from conductors and thugs.

I was also sitting at the back sit with two other passengers between us. It was like the man was shouting directly into my ears. I was amazed that people were comfortable with it. I didn’t hear anybody’s voice in protest. So I also kept quiet. I managed to look at people’s faces to see their reaction. Their faces were squeezed with anger but they refused to talk.

I noticed that the passenger who was sitting directly in front of him was covering his ears with handkerchief and I felt sorry for him. I could imagine his pain. Other passengers too were grudging angrily but the preacher didn’t pay attention to them because there were few three people who were responding to him.

It got to a stage when I thought the preacher should stop. But, instead of stopping, he brought out a box and handed it over to the woman sitting in between us to pass it round for offering. The woman reluctantly dropped 100 naira in the box and passed the box to me.

Angrily, I threw the box on his laps and told him never to pass anything to my side again. Before I knew it, passengers turned back to him and started harassing him. One man was like “that is how they hide under God to deceive”. The woman who reluctantly dropped 100 naira in the box retrieved it back immediately. I was dumb- founded.

Let’s come to think of it. If I need to do offering, don’t I know the way to the church. How can I do offering for a mobile pastor who cannot even preach the scripture correctly? I didn’t benefit from him except that he succeeded in giving me headache with his noise. Is he really preaching or begging. People find it difficult to challenge this act of nuisance. No one wants to sin against God. But these preachers will not cease to find your trouble.

I Ieven noticed an advert on one of the Brt buses “No Preaching Or Hawking allowed “. Now i know the reason why.


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