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Unanswered Questions

Is It Right For A Man To Stalk His Wife?

1 Mins read

Maybe not in Nigeria, stalking is not acceptable in several countries including the United States and the United Kingdom. In Nigeria and maybe some other countries, some men stalk their partners for the purpose of catching them red-handed or cheating on them. Some men even trail them when they are going to the markets or some other places. This is viewed by different people differently, which is the subject of today’s “unanswered question.” Is it right for a man to stalk his wife?

In other words, is it ideal for a man to monitor his wife’s movement?
Stalking a woman or monitoring her movement is usually as a result of suspicion of infidelity. Most men who have problems dealing with jealousy or those who cannot afford to see their partners with other men always have this problem. However, not being able to stand the sight of another man with your wife doesn’t make your wife a cheat or does it? So can you stalk and monitor your wife’s movement just because you have a feeling that she is cheating or about to cheat on you?

Is it right for a man to stalk or monitor his wife’s movement?

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